• Jan 6th
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The Happiest Millionaire (1967)

Before watching The Happiest Millionaire, I read that Walt Disney happened to pass away during this movie’s production. Well he sure went out with a bang, because this might just be the absolute happiest and cheesiest movie I have ever seen. By minute 16 they were already on song #3 and I felt completely overwhelmed and giggly. No one would stop singing in this movie. Because of that, I could barely even really tell you what the story was even about. There was a rich family, led by patriarch Fred MacMurray, a doofy Irish butler that I can only describe as “sooooo Irish,” a daughter that gets married to a guy that’s way too excited about going to Detroit, a so-called “Bible class” that takes place inside a boxing ring with a crap ton of kooky dancing….and about a dozen frozen alligators. Yeah, I think I covered everything.


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