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The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (1968)

Much like The Happiest Millionaire, The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band (say that 3 times fast) has a crap ton of singing in it. The only difference is that this movie isn’t one I’d necessarily classify as “happy” on account of its overwhelming political theme. Family Band is about a large family who sing and play in a band (duh). They are the only democrats in what was formerly known as the Dakota territory, which is primarily Republican. Through their power of song, they campaign heavily to their community for the reelection of Democratic President Grover Cleveland. The local Republicans are supporting Benjamin Harrison. There’s also a sort Romeo & Juliet love story going between one of the daughters and a Republican man. (Scandalous, y’all.) I don’t want to ruin the ending (though you could always consult your history books) but there is a man that is elected in the end, and all of the Democrats and Republicans learn to get along. Ya know, just like real life.


  • This is a poor man’s The Sound of Music. Instead of Nazis, the so-called “bad” guys are the Republicans. That said, if you are Republican, this movie might not sit well with you….even though it’s about an election that happened well before any of you were born.
  • It might be worth noting that this movie was released while Lyndon B. Johnson was president, about a year before Richard Nixon was elected. Sort of appropriate. I also happened to watch this around election time, so it’s all just clicks.


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